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Patti L. Brown

is proud to be a

Health Education Consultant


Helping Others Grow (HOG) is a non-profit organization that supports family-serving agencies. We build upon existing programs to promote protective factors and address childrens physical, social, emotional, and behavioral wellness.

We firmly believe that in order to help children, you must support their family.

Current Program Offerings:

Bouncing Off the Walls!

ADHD: The Difference Between

Active & Hyperactive

When is a toddler's energy too much? How long should your preschooler be able to focus on a task? Learn what normal activity levels are in early childhood, how to cope with a the crazy tactics of a two-year old, and strategies to deal with the truly hyperactive child in this one hour workshop.

Young Readers: Promoting Literacy in Early Childhood

What's the big deal with reading? Why is it important to start early? Learn ways to instill a love of books in toddlers and preschoolers to promote lifelong readers. Bring your pillow and circle up for story time!

When Lice (And Other Bugs) Come Crawling

The call that parents hate the most: It's the school nurse. Your child has head lice. How could this have happened? Our house is clean! Learn what lice (and other infectious parasites such as scabies, fleas, and bedbugs) are, how to identify them, and how to get rid of them. This class will dispel the myths about lice and help you learn how to avoid these critters before you get that dreaded call.

Special Diets, Allergies, and

Feeding Issues In Children

A look at allergies, special diets in children and the conditions they are used to treat, and other feeding issues in children. This workshop is designed for childcare workers and parents who are interested in learning more about the challenges of feeding young children with special dietary needs.

Healthy Lunchboxes For Young Children

How do you pack a nutritious lunch day in and day out for a toddler who will only eat one thing? This presentation is designed to help parents of toddlers and preschoolers sneak nutrition into their child's lunch in fun and delicious ways. Lots of ideas, nutritious snacks and samples given! Don't be surprised to find that your child likes it!

Additional pediatric health education

workshops topics may include:

Infant Care

Child Welfare

Home Safety

Growth and Development

Indicators of Health in Children

and more.



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Helping Others Grow,

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