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Some Facts About Me:

P - Purple is my favorite color.

A - Age: old enough to be a mom. Four times.

T - Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

T - Turkey is the reason.

I - I like ice cream more than turkey.

B - Brown hair, brown eyes, brown name.

R - Really loves summertime & bare feet.

O - Owns two cats,one dog, and four kids.

W - Wears pajamas as much as possible.

N - Never likes to go to bed.

I love to write.

I love kids, too.

I have four kids of my own.

I even work with kids in my

“day job” as a nurse.

I’m still a kid sometimes.

That’s why I like to write

for kids so much.

I wrote my first book

in second grade,

But I only got serious about

writing when I grew up.

Writing is awesome.

Kids are awesome.

My favorite stories are fantasies. When I was growing up, I loved ghost stories, fairy tales, witch and wizard stories, and anything with a supernatural element.

Harry Potter wasn't around when I was growing up. Instead, I fell in love with Mary Stewart's MERLIN books. They are still among my favorites, all these years later.

And now, I write my own fantasy stories.

Now that I'm grown up, I still like to read kids books (like Harry Potter).

They're much more fun than grown up books.

There are soooo many great books to read these days. I wish I could read and write all day long!

In my "day job", I'm a pediatric nurse--I work with kids, some who live in foster homes. I like to give out books--like a book fairy.

I want everyone to love books as much as I do!




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