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Patti L. Brown

Pediatric Nurse

I have been a pediatric nurse for over 25 years. I graduated from Thomas Jefferson University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, with a concentration in pediatrics.

Through my many years of nursing, I gained experience in: mother/baby postpartum and high-risk antepartum care, special care nursery, NICU, acute care pediatrics, Pediatric ICU, and the newborn nursery. I also worked in various outpatient settings such as a pediatrician's office, pediatric home care, after-hours telephone triage and a pediatric endocrinology clinic. I worked for many years as a health care case manager children in foster care.

In leadership roles, I was the Program Coordinator for a pediatric neurology clinic. I also served as a supervisor of the child health unit at the local state DCF office.

Throughout my career, I provided teaching and trainings to staff, patients, parents, and foster parents. I worked briefly as a Pediatric Educator, educating pediatricians and their staffs throughout the state of New Jersey. I was also a guest lecturer on Red Flags in Child Health and Development at Richard Stockton University several times.

My varied career history has given me an abundance of teaching experiences on many topics such as pediatric illnesses and conditions, diabetes, neurological disorders, medications and tests. As a pediatric health educator, I currently provide trainings for childcare workers and parents on many child health topics. For more information on the Helping Others Grow sponsored workshops, please see my Health Education Consultant page.



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