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Keep Writing!

Online Resources for

Young Authors

- The Young Voices Foundation

- Scriptfrenzy's Young Writers

Program (For Writing Screenplays)

- NANOWRIMO Young Writer's Program

- Merlyn's Pen -- Fiction, Essays,

and Poems by Teens

- Teen Ink - Devoted to teenage

writing and art

Once Upon a Time:

Writing Your Own Fairy Tale

by Nancy Loewen

Books About Writing:

What's Your Story?:

A Young Person's Guide To Writing Fiction

by Marion Dane Bauer

Writing magic:

Creating Stories That Fly

by Gail Carson Levine

Seize the Story:

A Handbook for Teens

Who Like to Write

by Victoria Hanley


There's more!


I missed something!


Note to Self:

Ditto. More work to do here,

mostly checking links.


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